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Just what is Google Search News and why are people getting excited about it? According to Straight Up Digital, see below:

The answer is it’s shaping up to be your new one stop news center. It’s like an online newspaper that presents you with a continuous stream of news, current affairs, weather and sports commentaries.

It can be taken as it comes or if you wish it can be totally personalized so you can customize it to suit your preferred program’s or presenters. The selections available come from thousands of publishers and magazines from all parts of the world, more than 4,500 different news sources all accessible with the search functions of Google. It’s now available in almost every language and country worldwide, a true custom newspaper for everyone.

You really can find almost any news worthy topic or event on the planet in seconds.

Although Google News has undergone many evolutionary changes over the years, its basic overall functions essentially remain the same even with all the updates which are purposely designed to make it easier for users to access what they want quickly and efficiently. Low grade, spam or copycat type websites have found they have been placed in the bottom of the search engine listings in the same way they reduce the rankings of websites that are inaccurate or full of mistakes.

In 2018, Google added a number of artificial intelligence updates, these included user friendly features such newscasts from other Google owned sites like YouTube and Newsstand, but the core of Google News has remained the same.

Google News and its search box are restricted to only items that Google in its “wisdom” classifies as news. The whole site is easy to follow with the top stories listed towards the top section of each page. When you scroll down you can find more news categories on an assortment of topics many based on your previous browsing history.

The main news sections are in the left navigation pane. If you want a particular type of news quickly, then all you have to do is click on a news grouping you find interesting.

A variety of news section In the right-hand navigation pane are a variety of news sections such as Recent, Fact, In The News, Sports, Fact Checker and other topics. There are four buttons across the top of the page they are “Headlines”, which offers news from anywhere in the world “Local”, has news that is from your location “For You” gives you stories based on your interests and “Your Country”, Stories about your country.

Google will show the news source as well as the time and date it was published which is helpful if looking for the latest news releases

Google news is offered in Summaries where you get just the first paragraph or so to tempt you, then if you click on the headline you will get the whole story from the source. Sometimes you can get news items from the thumbnail images. Often similar news items are placed in clusters so you can choose the one you like.

Customize or Personalizing Google News

There are a number of ways to do this;

Change your country location can be done by clicking the down arrow beside the country button to find a selected country

You can change the way your whole google page looks by selecting “Manage Sections” you will find this at the bottom left navigation plane. You can create new sections or remove sections.

Try these ideas:

  • You can see more or fewer Editors Picks. Click the double arrow in the top of the section of the right navigation pane. The box will show you a preview of more picks that come from different publications
  • Add some more of the topics that are of specific interest to you onto your news feed using the “Manage Sections Area”. Click on “Your Interests” then enter some of the topics that you want to see more of


Google News Search has revolutionized the way people worldwide can get their news. Now the very latest news stories can be seen right as they happen by everyone anywhere. The mighty powerhouse news giants and their selective news channels are a thing of the past. People can see what they wish at last.

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