Straight Up Digital | The top 3 differences between Adwords and SEO

The Top 3 differences between AdWords and SEO | Straight Up Digital

There is often a lot of confusion about the different terms and concepts involved in internet marketing. At Straight Up Digital we find that this is likely to happen because internet marketing covers a wide range of expertise and requires a great understanding of all the many aspects involved in not only having a successful website, but maintaining it so it remains viable and operated at the most profitable level for you.

Many people find it hard to establish the main practical differences between Adwords and SEO and which they should use so we have listed the 3 top differences below:

  1. Cost

To properly implement SEO on your site and content so that you can get the optimum benefit of it, is a time consuming operation. It not only takes time to set up, but because of the nature of the internet and the constantly changing algorithms, SEO needs constant monitoring and updating so your site operates at the optimum level and allows you to enjoy a high search engine ranking position.

Usually a small to large business owner just does not have the time available that is needed to be spent doing a proper SEO as well as learning about all the latest developments, techniques and requirements that are needed to keep your site on the first page of the search engine list. But it is very cost effective to use a local SEO agency that is geared to a results program to do this for you as are they are well equipped and experienced.

By contrast, when using AdWords, you need to pay upfront for having your desired position, the more popular or common the keywords or keyword phrases and the higher the traffic they can generate the more you are required to pay. This can become very expensive, especially if you have a lot of competition

  1. Trust

People just trust organic search engine results much more than they do for paid Google ads and it is understandable why. You know when you see paid add you are getting sales hype, but organic content is assumed to be there because of popular demand and the trust and value other people have experienced from the site.

Even when people click on paid ads, they often then go and search out the same thing on organic ads as well to check for their best options and values especially product reviews and customer reports.

Ad blindness where searchers will just bypass all ads without reading them, a habit that many people developed during the early days of internet usage limits AdWords effectiveness. This is probably a continuance of the popular habit of waiting for the ads on TV to get a coffee or a snack.

Banner advertising has always been a non-performer for generating sales as so many internet users find it annoying. Many people pay for pop up and ad blockers so it is hard to estimate just how many millions of dollars’ worth collectively of these are just flushed down the drain without being seen.

Some industries such as the finance sector may show that paid advertising has a higher trust rating because they seem to be more answerable and because they collectively spend huge amounts on AdWords.

It is estimated that using organic SEO as opposed to paid AdWords gives sites over 75% more clicks (visitors), this translates into more quality leads and results.

Even large online businesses and websites that already have a solid long term successful history of can find they are challenged by small startup companies with good SEO.

  1. Overnight or Long Term

If you are looking for a quick profit or you’re running a short term operation or event, then AdWords would probably be a better bet than just relying on SEO.

AdWords are almost instant because you are paying to be at the top of the search results and this happens straight away where as to build a solid SEO based campaign or website takes time, often you will not see dramatic results for several months.

Your high priced AdWords campaign finishes as soon as you stop paying for it, but a SEO based campaign or site will continue until either someone builds a better campaign or presents their site in a more SEO way with high quality backlinks and value packed, interesting, relevant and interesting content.

It comes down to budget and return on investment. If for example you are campaigning for your restaurant which is open all the time and caters for the local market, then having a well presented SEO site would be a clear winner for the cost and financial return. But if you had a stall on show day and this is a once a year event in your town, then you would more than likely find that AdWords advertising would be a more cost effective option.

On the other hand, if you are a showy and have a permanent setup that travels from town to town for different events and show days, then you would most likely benefit from doing a bit of both. Have a high quality, user friendly and interesting site and then have a localized AdWords campaign for each town or area around the time you visit.

When working out just what the cost and likely returns for the dollars spent you need a tool like “The Google Key Word Planner” that can give you an idea of the amount of searches that are made each month for that keyword or keyword phrase. You can then calculate the cost and possible value it represents to you.

When you use long tail keywords it is usual for you to attract visitors that are ready to buy your products or services. They are looking for you, what you need to do is present yourself in a way that helps seal the deal.

The amount you spend on SEO ideally is the maximum budget you can afford to spend for three months. Once you have your SEO finalized and up and running you can then lower the amount you spend and work in a “SEO Maintenance mode”.

Using a pay per click advertising campaign is very quick, but because of the lack of consumer trust and the longevity of SEO based marketing strategy’s it is often of limited real value, especially when considering the long term life of your business and branding.

The overall bottom line is as far as value for both time and money spent a well done SEO will beat all other forms of advertising as the search engines are geared to use this to match sites with searchers.